It’s important to find and do what works best for you. For our clients it’s a strategic, sustained and targeted approach. Like we’ve said, right from the start, one size does not fit all. We also want to provide our clients with value for their hard earned dollars or pounds so we always aim to go above and beyond.

One of our clients, in the health sector, has grown their business over the past two years thanks to a great reputation, referrals and word of mouth. We started working with the client just over eight months ago to increase awareness, develop that reputation and educate the public about the benefits of the services being offered.

We began by getting to grips with the details behind the story of the business and it’s owner. We created a plan to disseminate the information and draw attention to the great work our client is doing. We first told the story behind the business by creating great content and pitching it to editors of health publications and to lifestyle magazines with health features; this is what we mean by a targeted approach.

We then entered our client into a number of professional and business awards, for which they were either shortlisted and/or won: gaining additional exposure through the media partners of these awards.

Most recently we identified an opportunity for our client to appear on a morning TV show. We created talking points for the interviewer, which we knew would lead to opportunities for our client to speak about what they do and why. Following our client’s first appearance we pitched a range of topics, for the next 12 months, which relate to the seasons, trends and our key messages that our client can talk about. We are very excited about this opportunity because our client will be speaking directly to one of their largest target audiences, moms, on TV.

Next, we’re tackling the older generation and our client will be speaking to some of these individuals in person, no gimmicks, no need for technology, just a good old personal approach.

So, it is not about the number of appearances or articles published, but about the timing, audience and publications or programs themselves: in short, a targeted approach.