On a freezing cold January afternoon Kate takes her last shot, shouts ‘that’s a wrap’ and applause breaks out in Washington Park’s Botanical Gardens; it’s the end of the fashion shoot for Springfield’s Own Magazine March/April 2016 edition – and our most successful to date.

The 70-plus degree warmth of the enclosed dome, the stunning location, the gorgeous clothes supplied by The Itty Bitty Fashion Truck, the talented Kate Spencer of Kate Spencer Photography, the gorgeous models Allie and Rachel, hair stylists Becky and Stacy, make-up artists Katelyn and Miranda and props from Flea Market to Fabulous made for some of the best fashion photos we’ve been involved in creating – and with zero budget!

It’s a long day, which entails weeks of preparation, but there's no better feeling when the whole thing comes together and you end up with top class images.

We begin with a theme for the shoot, which mimics that of the magazine. Then Chris and I meet with Kate to brainstorm ideas. Once we’ve decided on the salient details we secure our models, location and clothes. I then liaise with our hair and make-up team, which includes Pure Skin and BJ Grand Salon.

Getting almost a dozen people together in one place, for between four-to-six hours, is no mean feat. However, we are lucky to work with the best of the best, the professional and creative … most of all we always have fun.

Kate increasingly makes it harder to select just seven-to-nine images, which will end up in the mag – because the 500-plus I have to choose from are all worthy contenders.

Once I’ve chosen the photos I add all the details so that readers know where they can buy the beautiful clothes, props etc.

A month later the mag goes to print.  Only weeks later it sits on the coffee tables of thousands of homes, hotels and businesses in Springfield and beyond.

Thanks to Chris we also have a great selection of behind the scenes photos, which we are able to share with you now.

What a pleasure it is to work with such talent and share it with everyone else.