It’s Election Day 2016 and although I can’t vote in the national election yet, I’ve had a busy morning liaising with various UK media outlets. As a former journalist and UK/Guernsey resident people back home are interested in how the last weeks, days, and hours of this election have played out from someone on the ground.  American elections are local with global implications.  

I’ve been honest about where I stand and my impression of the race so far. I’ve given my thoughts to my old paper, The Guernsey Press, and I’ll be up early tomorrow to do an interview with BBC Radio Guernsey. 

I’ve always enjoyed providing commentary, in a way that’s what I do each week with this blog, so I’m pleased to be asked and to contribute in a small way to raising awareness of the democratic system.  I’ve also been lucky enough to be involved with a few political campaigns since my arrival in the US.  

Whatever happens tomorrow it’ll be an interesting few weeks to follow. Locally, in Springfield, I think little will change for some time – our economy is stable, despite the continued political impasse. Our clients seem pretty confident that their business models are robust enough to weather the storm – and we know ours is!