If you’re the one in the public relations department, or business, tasked with creating and curating content for your online activity – on a daily basis – we know it’s tough at times. Coming up with new content when you’re between campaigns, or there’s a lack of inspiration, can cause the equivalent of writer's block. So, here are a few tips to help get you started – or keep you moving in the right direction when it comes to creating and curating content for social media. 

1.    Follow daily themes. What’s trending? Who’s #s are getting noticed? Are there any world events you can piggyback on? Look to others for inspiration.

2.    Can you use daily #s to your advantage? #ThrowbackThursday or #TriviaTuesday, for example. 

3.    Mark unusual holidays. There are a plethora of daily holidays out there (and easy info to access on the internet) from doughnut day to black cat day. Use these to your advantage – especially when fun or relevant to your business or cause. 

4.    Ask questions of your audience – make sure they are engaging – and one thing social media marketers often forget is to a) tell people why you are asking the question and b) follow up and let your audience know the outcome/response. 

5.    I say this to all our clients ‘people are inherently nosey’ they want to know what goes on behind the scenes of your organization – and they want to learn about the people running it. I think it’s important for your employees or volunteers to build a relationship with your audience, customers or clients, on and offline. So why not profile an employee or volunteer once a month? 

6.    Share news about your local community and what’s going on in it. I always say ‘It’s nice to be nice’ so why not share upcoming events in your local area and give a shout out to the charities or non-profits working to improve the lives of the people who may be the friends or family of your employees or customers? 

7.    Share links to updates on your website or blog. This is a great way to improve your SEO and curate untapped content. It’s good to remind your audience of the places they can find more info about you – your website and alternate social media channels are right there and waiting for you. 

8.    If you are REALLY struggling here’s an easy go to. There’s no reason you can’t revisit and share an old post! If the subject or topic is still relevant then what harm is there in reminding people of the post that already exists. I’m not saying this should be your everyday fallback. However, on the odd occasion when you have a million things going on and you’ve got to social something out – go for it. 

9.    If you’ve got a big event approaching what about a weekly countdown? Or, if you’re fundraising, what about a weekly, or daily, count? When people are contributing to an event or cause they like to remain informed. When the head coach of the Springfield Jr Blues was raising funds for the ‘Men Making Strides’ campaign to raise funds for breast cancer during October we asked each of his team’s players (during the countdown to the end of the month/fundraising goal) to tell us why they were supporting their coach and wanted to help beat cancer. The posts did exceptionally well because people related to the players and their own stories of cancer. 

10.    Share news with your audience. I get most of my news from the internet and I’d say 50% to 75% of that through social media. If you’re competing in a busy marketplace – and you can’t afford paid content, advertising or boosting, share valuable, relevant and FREE information with your audience. Look to the news for inspiration – is there a journalist or reporter that you follow because they are industry relatable – will your audience gain from this info also? There is always something interesting, funny, quirky out there in the news to share.