According to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, ranking number one in Google’s organic search gets you a 34% click through rate on a non-mobile device. Last week Gem PR & Media reached number one in the Google search for ‘public relations companies in Springfield Illinois’. Not only does this prove that social media makes all the difference when it comes to Google rankings, but it also means we practice what we preach.

I am teaching my Social Media for Non-profits class today at Lincoln Land Community College and this is probably one of my favorite classes because you see the moment attendees realize they can ‘do this’ and get results in order to help their organization meet its goals and benefit the recipients of its services. 

Not only does social media play a major part in Google rankings, but the updating and improving content on your website will make a vast difference. We aim to add a new blog to our website every week and in order to drive our rankings we include key messages, or search terms, within each blog. 

Your ultimate aim should be to appear amongst the three-pack (the big map box with the three businesses highlighted) or at least within the top five, which attracts just over 80% of the traffic. 

We work with several businesses in the US and the UK to improve their Google rankings through continuous updates to websites, the addition of interesting, informative and engaging content and effective social media campaigns – and we’re seeing a return on investment in real time. 

Thank you, not just for engaging with Gem PR & Media online, but also those who continue to entrust us with your business: creating awareness, educating and informing your audience and delivering positive outcomes.