Like any social media platform, Facebook’s goal is to keep users active and engaged. In December, Facebook launched its live video feature for IOS. 
Facebook Live helps extend your audience reach, but won’t necessarily drive a huge amount of traffic to your website – you must encourage people to do so through your page – the contact button is a good way to increase clicks from the platform. 
If you’re going to engage in a Facebook Live campaign make sure you have a strategy and set objectives – there’s nothing worse than random content, which is uninformative and dull. And, there are plenty of examples out there! 
On a positive note, Facebook’s algorithm favors live streaming videos – however, know your audience – think about the time of day you are broadcasting and make it interesting. If you’re struggling to see how you might use Facebook Live effectively here are a few tips: 

1.    Like any online activity, you engage in for marketing purposes if you’re gong to do it, do it well! 
2.    Tell people when you are ‘going live’ – this will encourage your followers to engage with you during your broadcast if they are prepared for it. Write a description of your topic and the purpose of your discussion – what’s great about Facebook Live is that you have an opportunity to engage with your audience as you are broadcasting. 
3.    It goes without saying; make sure you have a good connection! 
4.    Ask your followers to tap on the Follow button on live videos and videos that were live and then opt-in to get notifications the next time you broadcast. 
5.    Acknowledge your commentators by name and respond to their comments. 
6.    If you develop a following and have compelling content broadcast for longer periods of time. 
7.    Be creative! Don’t bore your audience. If you want them to come back your followers need to get something out of it. 
8.    Make sure you mention your business, your services and your web address – this isn’t an advert, but with any form of marketing or PR you have to take the opportunity to promote yourself. 
9.    Facebook, in its Best Practices guide, recommends you broadcast for at least 10 minutes – make sure you have enough content to do so. 
10.    When your live stream is over the video will remain on your page so use the opportunity to repurpose this content by writing a recap post for your blog. You can even edit the video so that it’s a little more polished and ready for use on your website. 

Types of Facebook Live videos you might want to consider: 
•    Question and Answer sessions
•    Take your followers behind the scenes of your organization
•    Breaking news (news means something new, interesting and relevant) 

Remember, whatever you do, make sure you stay on brand, use key messaging and align your Facebook Live strategy and objectives with your business goals. If you’re going to take the time and time is money, to use Facebook Live prepare, promote, and create compelling content. Don’t waste your followers’ time, they are busy people and need to gain something from your post (any post for that matter, live video, photos, text or pre-records).