Last week I gave a presentation and joined a panel for the National Customer Service Association – Central Illinois Chapter, at Prairie Heart Institute to explore the subject of social media and the customer experience. 

Joined by those in the field, both in-house at HSHS St John’s Hospital and Bunn-O-Matic, as well as Systemax, we discussed the pros and cons of interacting with customers through social media, how to do it well, and how to manage the unexpected. 

In my presentation I talked about engaging with customers, gathering feedback and acting upon it. I also spoke about how to deal with a complaint online and damage limitations. 

For those struggling with content creation, my advice is to not just talk about your business, its services and products, but to also talk about yourself, take customers behind the scenes, and to build a relationship with your stakeholders. 

For example, at Gem PR & Media, we aim to post a blog at least every seven to 10 days, which provides us with content, we talk about our clients and we try to keep you guys updated with our own activity, whether that’s the organizations we are involved with and volunteer for, or the latest advice when it comes to social media, public relations or marketing. 

For everyone that attended, we hope you gained insight from the presentation and for anyone who would like more information about our services drop us an email at