I love proofing articles.  One of the most common issues, in addition to poor grammar and punctuation, is the use of redundant vocabulary. 

Some of the most common redundant vocabulary currently in use includes: 

  • Really/very unique – Something is unique or it isn’t – it can’t be really unique. 
  • Empty out – Empty is all you need. 
  • End result – The result comes at the end.
  • Frozen ice – Ice is frozen water.
  • He died from fatal injuries – It's obvious his injuries were fatal if he died.
  • Local residents – Avoid the word local in news stories at all costs.  How do you define local?
  • A new innovation - If something is innovative it’s generally new. 
  • Past experience - If you’ve experienced something it happened in the past. 
  • Sum total - The sum or the total will do, no need for both. 
  • Never before - Never makes it pretty clear.
  • Added bonus – The bonus is the addition of something. 
  • At the present time - At this time or the present work perfectly well. 
  • Collaborate together - Collaborate means together. 
  • Filled to capacity – One or the other, please.
  • Final conclusion - A conclusion means the end. 

The next time you’ve been asked to write an article, post or blog have a read through and make sure you’re not making any of the mistakes above.