My user experience, when it comes to LinkedIn, has improved in recent years. Over time I built up a hefty network, being a journalist and working in public relations you tend to make a lot of connections, but I never really took it too seriously until a few years ago. Now, as the platform continues to improve its features, I find myself spending more-and-more time engaging with my connections and adding relevant content, all in an effort draw my audience back to and That’s not to say I couldn’t improve my interaction because, in the ideal world, I would.

In the meantime, LinkedIn has added new features that are definitely worth mentioning. You now have the ability to select multiple images in a single post on LinkedIn. Upload is currently available on IOS and the platform is currently working on making the feature accessible on Android and desktop too. Simply select the images, create the post, and share in your feed. A nifty feature for those of us that have trouble choosing just one image or want to share presentations in their entirety. 

The next feature isn’t widely available yet, my guess is the platform is testing out the kinks before it’s rolled out to all users, but an addition I’m excited about no less. You’ll soon be able to record and post videos directly from the LinkedIn app, making sharing content on the go so much easier. Say you’re on a job, at a conference, networking event, or just see something you really want to share – now you can do so, via video, on the go. Remember though people, keep it short and to the point.

Here’s one I really like, you can now share your posts, videos, and articles, with those who are not logged onto LinkedIn (or aren’t members yet), on other social media platforms. As a social media manager, and someone who is constantly searching for content to share, this is an invaluable feature. Thanks LinkedIn. 

If you’re brave enough to ask for feedback on an article that you’re about to publish you can now share it with your connections. However, it’s worth noting (and perhaps reassuring), that your drafts are only visible to those that have access to the direct links that you create. 
Finally, a welcomed feature for many, you can now manage the comments on your posts and articles; providing you the opportunity to enable or disable comments. From those of us working in crisis comms, you can hear a sigh of relief. 

So, there you have it. LinkedIn is making changes to provide a more professional environment, a more interactive platform, and giving members with the opportunity to share content on other platforms – with non-members. All good stuff in my book.