Social Media Butterfly 

Last week I attended a reception for this year’s ATHENA leadership award recipient, hosted by IWIL. I was taking photos and a fellow board member referred to me as IWIL’s ‘social media butterfly’. I rather liked it. When I got to thinking about it I realized it was a perfect description for what the person responsible for an organization’s social media should be. 

I attend almost all IWIL events and have also committed to being on both the ATHENA and Symposium committees. Honestly, sometimes I have to attend via conference call (even I can’t be at two places at once), but I feel it’s my duty as the person responsible for keeping our membership informed about our activities, via our social media platforms, which include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to keep myself in the loop. 

At Gem PR & Media we manage a large number of social media accounts, in fact, much of Chris’ time is taken up posting, boosting and scheduling ads for our clients on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. We pride ourselves on delivering a great return on investment for our clients. So much so that our most recent, large-scale social media project, blew other mediums; TV, radio, and print, out of the water – and best of all we have the stats to back up the claim – because with social media we can actually measure engagement, reach and buying power. 

Back to the social media butterfly comment, for which I am quite proud, it is imperative to immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses, to absorb all that they have to offer, to have an understanding of their products and services, to gain feedback and testimonials from their clients so that we can portray the very best of their business. 

Whether that’s attending a retirement party, visiting a group that a client is speaking to or creating traditional media (by that I mean TV, radio, and print) opportunities so we can then spread the word via social media too – then that’s what we’ll do. We don’t sit still for one minute. We move from place-to-place seeking out opportunities to create engaging posts for our clients’ target markets. Much like a social (media) butterfly.