Next month we’ll be teaching our four-part course, PR & Media Toolkit for Non-profits, at Lincoln Land Community College. 
Our tried and tested formula proved extremely popular in spring with some attending just one or two sessions and others the full course. 

Each class is designed to cover the basics, provide clarity when it comes to the subject and shares our top tips for those who need to keep a close eye on their budget. 

The four modules include:

1. Creating a PR & Media Plan – learn how to write your plan, generate ideas and content for your promotional activity. (September 20th)

2. Social Media Secrets: unravel the mystery of social media and learn tips for making the most of your presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. (September 27th)  

3. Write to Promote: develop your understanding and application of the basics of how to write a press release, article, and blog post .(October 4th) 

4. Sponsorships, Crowdfunding, & Events: Learn to identify ways to link with the media and other organizations to lock down sponsorships, launch crowdfunding and plan for fundraising at a grassroots level .(October 11th) 

There’s always time for questions and/or a group discussion. We love to meet new people in and around the Springfield area and have an opportunity to share with them some of our expertise. 

You can sign up for classes, which cost just $19 each, at